I Want A Dogo, But I Don’t Hunt

Dogo Argentinos were originally bred to hunt wild boar. They were created as hunters first and also as a loyal family pet. There are some hard core dogo people out there who feel that the dogo should be used for what it was intended for, to hunt and not as a family pet. But what about if you don’t want to hunt or can’t hunt? Should you not own a dogo?

Dogos were also bred to be a loving loyal pet to any family, so why not welcome one into your home as such. A dogo is a dominant breed and they are very active so you will need to make sure you have a “job” for them to do DAILY. They are highly intelligent and love to learn tricks and please their owners. They are stubborn at times and you must assume the alpha spot and they need to know that you are the one in charge. They need a firm hand and a calm and assertive leader. With anything consistency is key.

What job can I give my dogo?

You can do obedience, agility or rally training with our dogo.
You can do conformation shows with your dogo.
You can train your dogo to be a therapy dog, or service dog.
You can train your dogo as a protection animal. (Cops use dogos for K9 units.)
You can do scent work and lure crossing with your dogo.
You can let them chase small prey while out in open places. (lizards, rabbits, birds)
You can go jogging, walking or bike riding with your dogo.
You can go hiking with your dogo.
You can take your dogo to the river, beach, lake and let it swim. (Dogos love water!)
You can play tug o war and use a flirt pole (like a big cat wand with a toy on the end) with your dogo.

The list is endless.

A dogo makes a wonderful family pet and as long as you make sure to stimulate your dogo both mentally and physically you will have a well behaved dogo.
They do require some sort of activity daily. This means if you are a very busy person and want to leave him in a crate all day, this dog is probably not for you.
Training is a must with this breed. They are very powerful. We used to breed pitbulls and the dogo is even more powerful than a pit. You need to make sure you can command your dogo and that it listens. Teach your dogo to heel on a leash or you will literally be flying down the street after it, literally like 3 inches off the ground literally, lol.
Corrections should be done assertively. Your dogo is yours to correct. Dogos especially males do not take kindly to others they do not know trying to correct them. Dogos love their family and will take corrections from family members and people they love. Dogos are fierce protectors and if they feel you are being threatened they will protect you. Females tend to be more protective than males.

Can you think of any other “job” a dogo could do? Comment below.

Until next time dogo lovers,

Lynn F.