Does My Dogo Need Sun Screen

​Yes, you need to protect your dogo with sun screen.

If you live in a place that gets a lot of sun or you take your dogo out for outside activities for several hours at a time, sun screen is a must.

Dogos are all white and have short coats. They have very little pigmentation in their skin and being exposed to UV rays can be harmful to them. Just an hour out under the sun with no sun screen can cause them to become sun burnt.

We like to use sun protective wipes, especially when we are out on long walks or hikes. They are very much like baby wipes and we carry them in our back packs. They are easy to use as you just take them out and wipe down your dogo with the wipes. You can use it on their face (careful of their eyes) and all over their body. The sun screen once applied does become water resistant. You will need to make sure to wipe them down again within a couple hours.

We have tried sprays, but have better results with the wipes. They are very inexpensive and make a world of difference in the enjoyment of outdoor sunny activities for your dogo.

​Sun burns can damage a dogo’s skin and cause itching or even pain. Long term exposure can cause skin cancer, tumors, or skin irritations that will need to be treated by a vet. Why risk the health of your dogo? Your best friend deserves to be safe from the sun’s rays.

Until next time dogo lovers,

Lynn F.