Cost Of Showing A Dogo

UPDATED: For the 2022 year

So you have purchased a “show potential quality” dogo and want to know about showing your dogo; or you are interested in showing your dogo in the future. So the question is, how much does it cost?

Here is a break down of cost for just one weekend of showing. (Conformation Show)

Depending on which show organization you are attending (UKC, AKC, IABCA, ARBA, etc.) prices per show can range anywhere from $25.00 a show to $40.00 a show. Puppy prices below 6 months tend to be cheaper when registering your dogo. Each day there are normally 2 shows. So, all together there are 4 shows per weekend.

You have to account lodging and making sure you get a room that is pet friendly. This can range from $100.00 to $150.00 a night.

If you are not into grooming your own dogo, then a trip to your friendly Pet Smart groomer or local groomer can cost you upwards of $75.00. This will have your dogo “show ready”. This normally includes a bath, nails clipped, teeth brushed, and ears cleaned. Personally, I do all the grooming for our dogos and save a ton of money. I also purchased a whitening shampoo that I bath them in the night before a show. So their white is “popping” when they enter the show ring.

Don’t forget to tack in the price of gas to drive to wherever the show is located.

Showing a dogo is an expensive venture. If anyone tells you it doesn’t cost to show, they are lying to you. Shows are always listed on the organization’s website, so it makes it much easier to plan ahead and save up if you need to.

I highly recommend going out to a couple of shows before hand so you can see what they are all about. Dogos are still considered a rare breed, so there are not that many out there at competitions. I am sure as the popularity of the dogo grows, there will be even more dogos who compete.

​So let’s recap the prices:

4 shows x $30.00 (average price) = $120.00
Hotel x 2 nights = $200.00 (Stay cheap at Motel 6 they are pet friendly)
Gas = $150.00 (We normally have to travel several hours to get to a show.)
Groomer to get your dogo “show ready” = $75.00
Total price = $545.00 for a weekend of showing.

*This does not include any money you will spend for food to eat while out of town.

What organizations can you show your dogo with?

Have you registered your dogo with the appropriate kennel club? 

All dogos will need to be registered with the appropriate kennel club before they can participate in conformation events. In order to register your dogo you must have papework (pedigree, registration application) for the dog for that specific club. You can also register a foreign dog with an EXPORT pedigree. Want to know more about registration, reach out to us with your questions. 

What have been your experiences with showing your dogo? Comment below.
I would love to hear from you.

Until next time dogo lovers,

Lynn F.