Is A Dogo Argentino A Pitbull?

For the record, the dogo is not a pitbull. The dogo is an Argentine Mastiff.

This is the question asked or an assumption made by many people who are not familiar with the breed itself. For the record, the dogo is not a pitbull. The dogo is an Argentine Mastiff.

​The dogo was originally created during the 1920s in Argentina by Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez for large game hunting and to hunt wild boar. It is a mastiff breed and is known for its size and muscular build. It is very majestic looking as its moves like a lion and its short coat is all white with a black nose. Some dogos have a black spot on their head around the eye. (Known as a pirate) This is acceptable as long as it is no more than 10% of the dog’s head. Dogo females stand 24 – 26 inches in height and males tend to be 24 – 27 inches in height. They can way up to 130 pounds or more. So these are some pretty big dogs!

​The dogo is a combination of 10 dogs that the good Dr. used to make the dogo. He wanted a dog that was good for the hunt, but at the same time a loving loyal and protective member of the family.

Dogs used to create the dogo:

Fighting Dog of Cordoba, to which he then added blood from
Pointer – gave a keen sense of smell, essential for hunting
Boxer – gave vivacity and gentleness
Great Dane – for its size
Bull Terrier – gave fearlessness
Bulldog – gave it boldness and a broad chest
Irish Wolfhound- gave its instinct to hunt wild game
Dogue de Bordeaux – gave its powerful jaws
Great Pyrenees – gave its white coat
Spanish Mastiff – gave it power

American Pitbull Terriers (APBT) only get to be about 22 inches in height and weigh around 60 – 70 lbs. The APBT is a bully breed which come in a variety of colors. Their facial structure may look similar to a dogo but it is not. The dogo’s muzzle and head are of equal length. The eyes are set further apart and deep. The dogo has a defined stop at the muzzle and head. Dogos have rounded heads and if viewed from the front it looks like a square within a square. Pit bulls ears are short and set high on their head and held half- pricked.

For more information about the breed standard and detailed looks of the dogo, check out our showing page.

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Until next time dogo lovers,

Lynn F.